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Click on the image to the right to see the full video presentation of the October 25th, 2021 webinar regarding the intended warehouse in downtown Phillipsburg along the Delaware River. This presentation was hosted by the Delaware Riverkeeper Network and the New Jersey Highlands Coalition.

Save our Riverfront!

Update - October 16, 2022

There currently is a lawsuit by citizens of Phillipsburg against the Town of Phillipsburg.  The citizens that brought the lawsuit do not want a warehouse in downtown Phillipsburg that would be built on the riverfront of the Delaware River.  The lawsuit is specifically challenging Ordinance 2021-14, which is the ordinance that rezoned the Peron Howard Street property along the river from residential to industrial.  The grounds for the lawsuit is that we believe multiple Council members had a conflict of interest with Michael Perrucci.  Michael Perrucci is the 100% owner of Peron Corporation and is also a named partner of a law firm that has provided extensive personal legal representation to the Council members in question. The status of the lawsuit is that oral arguments were heard August 10, 2022, and we are awaiting the judge's decision.

Peron Corporation, owned by Michael Perrucci, has provided Council with a new ordinance, Ordinance 2022-30. If Ordinance 2022-30 passed, it would essentially replace Ordinance 2021-14 without the members of Council that were conflicted voting.   Peron Corporation has made some changes in the size and other aspects of the warehouse they wish to build in downtown Phillipsburg along the Delaware River.  However, we remain opposed to a warehouse along the Delaware River.

We urge Council members to continue to not vote for, or vote against, the new ordinance that would do an end run around the current lawsuit by residents of the Town of Phillipsburg.  Many, many residents have contributed varying amounts of money towards legal services and supporting the lawsuit.  There is strong opposition to the warehouse by residents of the Town of Phillipsburg. We urge Council members to let the lawsuit play out before taking any action that would allow the warehouse to move forward.


You will find on this website information regarding the Phillipsburg government's errorts to change zoning along the riverfront of the Delaware river from residential to industrial.

The property in question is owned by Peron Construction, LLC.  Michael Perrucci owns 100% of Peron Construction, LLC.  Originally, Peron wanted to build a 300,000 square foot warehouse in Downtown Phillipsburg in downtown Phillipsburg. 

Update: Because the Town of Phillipsburg was not able to sell the land that was encumbered by Green Acres, the propose warehouse by Peron has been reduced to 300,000 square feet.  There are additional reductions in some other areas of the conceptual plan.

The picture below shows a conceptual plan of the 510,000 square foot warehouse that was to be built on Peron property along the river.


In the picture below, you can see the area the current conditions of the area where Peron construction wishes to build their downtown warehouse along the Delaware River.


Below you can see where the boundaries are for different porperties.  The area outlined in back is property of Peron.  The area outlined in green is Green Acres encumbererd property.  Block 2102, Lots L2 and L11 are Peron property.  Block 2102, Lot L1 is Delaware River Park and is Green Acres encumbered.  To make the image larger, right click the image and then click "view image". 
TaxMapBlock2102Lots2and11 highlighted


For many reasons we believe building a warehouse in downtown Phillipsburg is a bad idea:

  • The additional tractor trailer and box truck traffic would be bad for Phillipsburg.  Phillipsburg's roads are narrow.  When a tractor trailer comes down South Main Street, traffic often has to stop to allow the tractor trailer truck the ability to navigate the road.  With 80 truck bays and 39 tractor trailer parking spaces on the revised 420,000 square foot plan presented by Peron Construction, this will clearly generate a lot of truck traffic.
  • Putting a warehouse along with all the increased truck traffic works against Phillipsburg's long term goals of developing Phillipsburg to being a riverfront destination.
  • The truck traffic and the warehouse would produce oders that will be detectable without instrumentation, and will most likely be detectable in the nearby residential neighborhood.

A bypass:


In order to mitigate complaints regarding warehouse  on McKeen and other streets in the flats, the town has proposed building a bypass.  There have been two different suggestions regarding a bypass.

There are two possible suggestions that have been floated for a bypass.  Note that the blue highlighted road is South Main Street.

  • One possible suggestion for a bypass road is the road you see highlighted here in red.  This bypass would run down McKeen street and empty onto South Main Street.
  • One possible suggestion for a bypass road is line you see in green.  This bypass road woud cut through what is now LMR's (a wastehauler) property and empty onto South Main Street.

In Summary:

We hope that the Phillipsburg government and Peron Construction understand that a warehouse in downtown Phillipsburg, New Jersey is a bad idea and they reverse their decision build a warehouse in downtown Phillipsburg, New Jersey.