2021 Town Council Agendas
Date Comments
January 19, 2021

-> Resolution 2021-27
-> Letter sent to Planning Board - January 20, 2021
-> January 19 2021 Town Council Meeting Complete

February 2, 2021
March 2, 2021
March 4, 2021
March 16, 2021
April 6, 2021
April 20, 2021 Ordinance 2021-14 First Reading
May 4, 2021 Ordinance 2021-14 Second Reading
May 18, 2021
June 1, 2021
December 31, 2021  This agenda has included in it Resolution 2021-316.  This resolution is for the "Approval to submit a grant applicacation and execute a grant contract with the New Jersey Department of Transportation for the Howard Street Extension project." .  This can be found on pages 8 through 32 in the Agenda document.


2022 Town Council Agendas
Date Comments
January 11, 2022

This document is an agenda for a work session. This agenda has a letter dated January 3, 2022 to the Department of Transportation and is submitting the proposed truck routes for review snd consideration by the Department of Transportation.  Truck routes from the Peron Warehouse on Howard Street can be seen to be Center Street and Roseberry to Route 22 and Route 122 throught Pohatcong to route 122. This letter consists of pages 2 through 11 of the agenda, inclusive.

 February 15, 2022  This Town Council Meeting Agenda contains Resolution 2022-51.  Resolution 2022-51 expresses support for the report and truck routes identified by Van Cleef Engineering and authorizes the submission of the report to the Department of Transportation.  Council also requests that the Center Street/Roseberry Street truck bypass to route 22 be removed from consideration. South Main Street, between McKeen Street and Union Square is not to be considered and authorized truck route.  This means that all of the potential hundreds of trucks from the Peron Howard Street Warehouse will travel on route 122 through Pohatcong, NJ.