07152021 CouncilPresidentSaysResidentsAreLyingClick on image to see full WFMZ article and video:

Phillipsburg Councilman President Frank McVey speaks with WFMZ.  The Council, represented by Frank McVey, are backpeddling so fast on the construction of the industrial building so fast that they are tripping over the facts.  Several things said by Frank McVey are untrue.

Before reviewing the facts, and pointing out what Frank McVey said that was untrue, it should be pointed out that there was, and remains resistence, to the change in zoning of District 5 along the river from residential to industrial.  We believe it is because of public pressure from the citizens of Easton and the refusal of the folks who administer the Green Acres funding in New Jersey that the Phillipsburg Town Council is backpeddling.  In the news report, it is stated that it is likely that Peron Construction will present new plans to the Phillipsburg Council on Tuesday and we believe you can in large part thank the residents of Phillipsburg and Easton who have pushed back against the warehouse.

A review of the facts against the words of Frank McVey:

Frank McVey says that people are concerned about a conceptual deawing that "got out" is nothing more than a conceptual drawing.

It appears Frank McVey and the reporter Priscilla Liguori both seemed to take pains not to mention name of the the developer of the Howard Street Property, or District 5 that runs along the river.  One would assume that this information would be an important part of a press release or a news story.

McVey says District 5, which was rezoned from residential to industrial is not on the waterfront and is surrounded by warehouses.

McVey has a great understanding that the land in Delaware River Park is going to remain in the park and not be a part of the development of Peron Construction.

Mayor Todd Tersigni stated the project is still in its infancy.