DRNPresentationFredStineToEACClick on image to download pdf presentation.

On July 6, 2021, Fred Stine presented the information regarding a change in zoning of District 5 along the Phillipsburg riverfront by the Phillipsburg Town Council and Planning Board to the Easton Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC).  He also presented information from the initial concept plans regarding the warehouse plan that Peron Constructin is proposing to develop along the Phillipsburg riverfront to the Easton Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC).

The presentation was scheduled for 15 minutes.  Because of interest, questions and discussion from members of the audiance and members of the EAC, the presentation portion of the meeting lasted 45 minutes.  There was great interest, dissapointment and disgust at Phillipsburg's plans to make the District 5 area along the riverfront industrial.

The reaction of the Easton Environmental Advisory Committee to the Phillipsburg Town Council's actions regarding the rezoning and potential warehouse could be summed up by one of the members of the EAC who said "Are they nuts !?!?!"