12202021 RiverfrontConsistencyReportClick on image to get a full copy of the December 20, 2021 Consistency Review Regarding District 5 and the rezoning of the property owned by Peron Construction, Block 2102, Lots 2 and 11:

This document is a consistency review by Angela Knowles from the company Van Cleef Engineering.  In this document, Angela Knowles supports her recommendation to the planning board to change the zoning of the property in downtown Phillipsburg along the riverfront from residential to industrial.  The property is Block 2102, Lots 2 and 11, that are going to be rezoned from residential to industrial.  The property that is being rezoned belongs to Peron Construction, and Peron Construction is 100% owned by Michael Perrucci.

This document has been prepared in support of Ordinance 2021-27.  Ordinance 2021-27 rescinds Ordinance 2021-14 which was passed in end of April 2021 and early May 2021.  Ordinance 2021-27 also rezones again the property Block 2102, Lot 2 and Lot 11.

This December 20, 2021 Consistency Report is very similar to the Consistency Report that was dated February 25, 2021, but the December 20, 2021 Consistency Report takes Riverside Park out of the request for rezoning.  Riverside park is Green Acres paid for with public tax dollars, and the town was not able to provide that land to Peron Construciton.  So Angela's Knowles report indicates for the Green Acres land (aka Delaware River Park)  "development is not an option at this time" (see page 5).  This clearly implies that if they can make it happen, the current Council members, Land Use Board members, would be receptive to changing the zoning of Delaware River Park to industrial if and when they may get the chance.