Resolution2021 316Click on image to bring up pdf version of Resolution 2021-316:

Resolution 2021-316 approves a grand application for the Howard Street Extension Project.

As part of this plan, there are truck routing plans for the Town of Phillipsburg.  In this particular plan, trucks will be diverted from South Main Street business district.

Because there will be potentially of hundreds of tractor trailors that will be travelling out of Phillipsburg due to the Peron Howard Street warehouse project, the town is hoping to divert trucks from going through the South Main Street business district and is redirecting truck truck traffic in the following directions:

  • To access route 22 from the proposed Howard Street Extension, tractor trailers would be able to travel up Center Street.  At the end of Center Street, tractor trailers would have several options:
    • tractor trailers would have the option of making a left from Center Street on to Roseberry Street.  At Roseberry Street a truck could make a right to use 22 East or a left to use 22 West.
    • tractor trailers would have the option of making a right at the end of Center Street onto Rand Boulevard and travel through the Bridge Point Development warehouse area (old Ingersol Rand area).
  • To exit the Howard Street Extension the trucks could make the right from the Howard Street Extension and continue south on South Main Street and continue through Pohatcong Township.
  • Trucks would be prohibited from making a left and travelling north on South Main Street through the Phillipsburg Business District.

Interestingly, the Town of Phillipsburg has created a monster of a traffic problem with tractor trailers, and it is proposing a solution of diverting the tractor trailers away from the Phillipsburg Downtown Business District and sending the potentially hundreds of tractor trailers through:

  • Proposing to send the trucks up through Center Street, which is a residental road that currently has a 4 ton weight limit and prohibits large tractor trailers.
  • Pusing traffic through the neighboring town of Pohatcong.