10182022 Ordinance 2022 30Click on the image to the right to download Ordinance 2022-30:

Ordinance 2022-30 is a new ordinance that will declare the Peron Howard Street property to be industrial and will authorize the building of a 360,000 square foot warehouse.

If this ordianance is passed, and if the decision from the lawsuit against Ordinance 2021-14 has not come back yet, this ordiance will supercede Ordinance 2021-14 and effectively do an end run around the lawsuit.

If you read Ordinance 2022-30 and read Ordinance 2021-14, you will see that they are basically identical ordiances.  The latest concept plan presented ad a failed attempt to replace Ordianance 2021-14 was 400,000 square feet and Ordianance 2022-30 authorizes a 360,000 square foot warehouse.  Ordinance 2022-30 also discusses a rail interconnect.

This ordinance zones District 5 of the Riverfront Redevelopment Plan to industrial and authorizes the building of a 360,000 square foot warehouse.

We are encouraging members of Council to wait until the decision from the lawsuit comes back before further voting on Ordinance 2022-30.