10182022 Ordinance 2022 30Click on the image to the right to download Ordinance 2022-30:

Ordinance 2022-30 is a new ordinance that will declare the Peron Howard Street property to be industrial and will authorize the building of a 360,000 square foot warehouse.

If this ordianance is passed, and if the decision from the lawsuit against Ordinance 2021-14 has not come back yet, this ordiance will supercede Ordinance 2021-14 and effectively do an end run around the lawsuit.

If you read Ordinance 2022-30 and read Ordinance 2021-14, you will see that they are basically identical ordiances.  The latest concept plan presented of December 20, 2022 was for a failed attempt to replace Ordianance 2021-14 was 400,000 square feet and Ordianance 2022-30 authorizes a 360,000 square foot warehouse.  Ordinance 2022-30 also discusses a rail interconnect.

This ordinance rezones District 5 of the Riverfront Redevelopment Plan to industrial and authorizes the building of a 360,000 square foot warehouse.

Ordinance 2022-30 passed and the property at the Peron Howard Street propery is now zoned Heavy Industial, is permitted to have a building height of 65 feet instead of 50 feet, and it appears as of February 2023 that Michael Perrucci and Peron Construction are going to build a 420,000 square foot warehouse.

Below is a sketch of the 420,000 square foot warehouse with no rail connection that Peron Construction presented to the Warren County Planning Board on February 17, 2023 for Peron Corporations Preliminary and Final Site Plan.

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