2004MasterPlanUpdateClick on image to the right to view the Town of Phillipsburg Master Plan 2004 Update:

This documents providew updates to the 1998 Master Plan.

You will find absolutely nothing in this document about building warehouses along the Delaware River.

In fact, this document heavily emphasixes open space and preservation.

Some quotes from this docuement are:

Open Slace

  1. Preserve Natural areas
  2. Enhance access to and use and enjoyment of the Morris Canal and the Delaware River and Lopatcong Creek


Open Space

  1. Adopt environmental protection standards for those critical areas not otherwise protected.
  2. Work with the County and neighboring municipalities to acquire the right-of-way of  the Morris Canal and lands abutting the River and the Creek.
  3. Develop plans for the preservation, use and development of these areas.


Particularly important from a regional perspective are the Lopatcong Creek and the Morris Canal.  The County and local municipalities are working to preserve these linear resources as greenways through the County and as trail connectors from the Delaware River to the developing regional trail system.


  1. Protect critical environment features and areas not otherwise rebulated
  2. Preserve the remaining natural features
  3. Increase public access and use o the Delaware River
  4. Preserve the Lopatcong Creek as a natural greenway
  5. Preserve and develop the Morris Canal as an historical tranportation corridor and trail link to an expanding County-wide trail system.
  6. Remediate and reuse brownfield sites