08252022 PeronPublicNotice400000SqFtWarehouseClick on image to the right to view the pdf of the Peron Public Hearing Notice Of The 420,000 Square Foot Warehouse On August 25, 2022

 This document provides notification of a public hearing for the 420,000 square foot warehouse plan that was proposed after the 510,000 square foot warehouse plan did not work out.  This site plan application was also presented to go with another application that the town and Peron Construction wanted to try and pass for the purpose of resolving potential conflicts of interest.  This site plan was approved by the Land Use Board, however, the ordinance, Ordinance 2021-27, which this site plan was tied to failed to get a veto override, and the ordinance failed.

This final site plan was later used as the basis for the passage fo a 360,000 square foot, 65 foot high, warehouse that was attached to Ordinance 2022-30.  This ordinance is now being challened in court, again for a confict of interest.

Of note, two of the properties on this notice for hearing on the site plan are less than 200 feet from the property of Council President  Harry Wyant and the parents of Councilman Randy Piazza Jr.  Councilman Harry Wyant rightly recused himself from Ordinance 2022-30 and Councilman Randy Piazza Jr. voted "yes" on Ordinance 2022-30.  The two properties that are on the application that cause the conflict are 560 and 562 South Main Street.