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It is unfortunate that some Councilmen are still pushing for a warehouse to be built in the largely residential section of Phillipsburg known as the Flats. 

Peron Corporation, which is 100% owned by Michael Perrucci, wants to build a warehouse on the Peron Howard Street property which is located along the Delaware River riverftont and in downtown Phillipsburg.

In 2006, Michael Perrucci had a Payment In Lieu of Taxes arrangement and approval to build residences, Riverview at Delaware Station,  on the Peron Howard Street Property. In May of 2021, the residential property was rexoned to industrial by the Town Council.

The reason Michael Perrucci gives for building a warehouse in this largely residental area is that developers believe the area is so undesirable to live in that nobody would want to live there.  His two primary reasons that make the area undesirable are an open gun range and a junkyard.  Because Michael Perrucci believes the Flats is not a place where people would want to buy houses, Michael Perrucci's solution to the problem is to build a warehouse.

We believe that instead permitting Peron Corporation to build a warehouse, the Town of Phillipsburg should be improving the area of the Flats to make it a better place to live.  A warehouse will just make the area of the Flats a less desirable place to live.

Below is supporting documentation for the letter to the editor, along with information posted on this page:

Info about the Riverview at Delaware Station residential development:



Michael Perrucci says reason developers will not build in the Flats is a gun range and junkyard -implying that you can't sell property to the class of people who would buy his properties because it is not a good place to live - video below


Document that shows Michael Perrucci is the 100% owner of Peron Construction