04 20 2021 CouncilwomanDeGerolamoWarehouseCommentClick on image to see complete video of Councilwoman DeGerolamo's complete comments regarding the warehouse:

Councilwoman DeGerolamo discusses why she is against a warehouse in downtown Phillipsburg.  Councilwoman DeGerolamo and Councilman Harry Wyant were the two of the five on Council that were against a warehouse in downtown Phillipsburg.  Below are some of the points that Councilwoman DeGerolamo made during her presentation:

  • she did not receive the information until right before the meeting
  • the entire Town Council is the Redevelopment Authority for the town and the entire town council has not been privy to the information being voted on, or the report from the Planning Board/Land Use Board
  • she was not presented with a concept plan
  • she can see why someone might want to build a warehouse in that spot
  • she does not want to see Phillipsburg become another Robbinsville, NJ
  • Bridge Point development project makes sense for warehouses, a downtown warehouse does not make sense
  • Single family is where the market is right now through 2025. 
  • Warehouse market strong 2 years ago, not so strong right now