09232021 LUV PublicCommentDavidMorrisetteClick on image to see full video of David Morrisette's comments and Robert Fulper's response:

During the Public comments section of the September 23, 2021 Land Use Board meeting, David Morrisette asks the Land Use Board to take no further action on the Peron Construciton application for a warehouse.   David reminds the Land Use Board of information that it is certain the Land Use Board is already aware of.  There is a suit against the town, and one of the items challenged the validity of the votes that the Phillipsburg Town Council took regarding the changing of zoning at the end of April and the beginning of May 2021.

At issue is the fact that Michael Perrucci is a 100% owner of Peron Construction and Michael Perrucci is a Partner in the law firm Florio, Perrucci, Steinhardt, Cappelli, Tipton and Taylor.  This makes Michael Perrucci an owner of both the company and the law firm.  The question is if Councilmen have been represented by the law firm, then any representation or advocacy those Councilmen would be a conflict of interest and they should not have recused themselves from those votes and not advocated for Peron Construciton.

Randy Piazza Jr. and Robert Fulper have not answered the question as to whether they have been represented by the law firm.  David Morrisette directly asked Robert Fulper at the Land Use Board Meeting if he had been represented by the law firm, and Robert Fulper said he would not answer the question due to the fact that the matter is currently in litigation.  Interestingly, even when the matter was not in litigation, Robert Fulper would not answer the question either.  So it is pretty much the case that under any circumstances Robert Fulper does not want to answer the question as to whether he has been represented by the law firm.