12 20 2021 TC JamesFlynnPublicCommentsClick on image to the right to see James Flynn's comments:

For context: Ordinance 2021-27 is an ordinance that revokes Ordinance 2021-14 and rezones the Peron Howard Street Property from residential to Industrial.  On December 20, 2021, Town Council is doing the second and final reading of Ordinance 2021.

The rezoning of this property to industrial will open the way for a warehouse to be built in downtown Phillipsburg on the Delaware River riverfront.

Ordinance 2021-27 is an attempt to resolve conflicts of interest that many believe occurred when Ordinance 2021-14 was passed due to one or more of the members of Council having been represented by the law firm Florio, Perrucci, Steinhardt, Cappelli, Tipton and Taylor, and also then voting on legislation that would benefit Peron Construction.  Michael Perrucci is the 100% owner of Peron Construction and is an owner of the law firm.

Councilman Randy Piazza Jr tired to silence James Flynn's comments, but James Flynn makes a point that the two meetings regarding the rezoning of the Peron Howard Street property is the subject of both meetings and his comments are relevant to Ordinance 2021-27.

Additionally, James Flynn, finds it curious how Attroney Wilhelm, the attorney for the Land Use Board, was able to turn around a letter or resolution to the Town Council on his letterhead in just minutes.