0106202 MichaelPerrucciPhillipsburgNotGoodToLiveClick on image to the right to view the video of Michael Perrucci's reasoning for building a warehouse in the Flats of Phillipsburg:

Michael Perrucci, owner of Peron Construction, tells the Phillipsburg Land Use Board on January 6, 2022 that developers walked away from building homes in the Flats of Phillipsburg because of an open gun range and a junkyard.

In other words, the Flats of Phillipsburg is not a good place for people to live. Michael Perrucci's and the Town of Phillipsburg's solution to this is to build a warehouse instead of houses in downtown Phillipsburg in the largely residential area know at the Flats.

We believe that instead of building a warehouse and further degrading the area of the flats, the Phillipsburg Town government should reject building a warehouse in the Flats and improve the quality of life in this area.  If, as Michael Perrucci states, that the gun range and the junkyard is degrading life in the Flats of Phillipsburg, then the Town of Phillipsburg should also be addressing these issues.

If a warehouse is built in the Flats of Phillipsburg, this will just make the Flats and even more undesirable place to live. I believe the Town of Phillipsburg should not endorse the building of ANY warehouse and fix issues Michael Perrucci has pointed out and make the Flats of Phillipsburg a good place for Phillipsburg residents to live.