FrankMcVeyMysog02At the February 25, 2021 Phillipsburg Land Use Board/Planning Board Meeting


Council President Frank McVey:

  • tries to diminish the message from a resident by making mysogenistic statements towards her. 
  • asks if District 5 rezoning will be discussed this evening, Land Use Board Chairman Bill Duffy let him know that is will most likely be heard next month
  • Frank McVey tells Chairman Bill Duffy to not refer to him as Councilman.  Frank McVey is under the mistaken assumption that if he is not addressed as an elected Phillipsburg Councilman then he is not a Councilman.
  • After being called out for his mysogenistic comments toward a resident by Land Use Board Attorney Scott Wilhelm, Frank McVey lies and says he never made the mysogenistic comment.  He goes on to insult Attorney Scott Wilhelm.

Theresa Bender Chapman:

  • Ms. Chapman reminds Frank McVey that they had met and spoken several times and also they have exchanged emails multiple times
  • Ms. Chapman asks if the Delaware River Park is involved in the rezoning of District 5
  • Ms. Chapman asks if Delaware River Park is Green Acres
  • Ms. Chapman asks if billing for Bridgepoint is recurring billing

Keith Zwicker:

  • Tells Ms. Chapman that this is a Phillipsburg Land Use Board meeting and since she lives in harmony that what is happening in this meeting is non of her business.
  • Attorney Wilhelm corrects Keith Zwicker and lets him know that anyone from the public, regardless of residence, has a right to speak during the public comment section of these meetings
  • Ms. Chapman explains that the Bridge Point Billing and other warehouse issues are of interest to her since warehouses are popping up throughout the county.

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