04202021 WhoRepresentedByPerrucciFirmClick on image to see full video.

This video shows David Morrisette ask the members of Council whether any of them have been personally represented by the law firm Florio, Perrucci, Steinhardt and Cappelli.  You will see that Attorney Wenner, the Town attorney, advised the members of Council to not respond.

In a demonstration of practically complete non-transparency, the members of the Town Council would not answer the question, with the exception of Councilman Harry Wyant. 

An excercise to see if you can find any dots to connect:

  • Michael Perrucci is a partner in the law firm Florio, Perrucci, Steinhardt and Cappelli.
  • Michael Perrucci is a partner in the Peron company.
  • The Peron company owns the land at Howard Street that is being rezoned from residential to industrial,
  • The members of Council voted to change the zoning of the property that Peron Company holds from residential to industrial.

04 20 2021 CouncilwomanDeGerolamoWarehouseCommentClick on image to see complete video of Councilwoman DeGerolamo's complete comments regarding the warehouse:

Councilwoman DeGerolamo discusses why she is against a warehouse in downtown Phillipsburg.  Councilwoman DeGerolamo and Councilman Harry Wyant were the two of the five on Council that were against a warehouse in downtown Phillipsburg.  Below are some of the points that Councilwoman DeGerolamo made during her presentation:

  • she did not receive the information until right before the meeting
  • the entire Town Council is the Redevelopment Authority for the town and the entire town council has not been privy to the information being voted on, or the report from the Planning Board/Land Use Board
  • she was not presented with a concept plan
  • she can see why someone might want to build a warehouse in that spot
  • she does not want to see Phillipsburg become another Robbinsville, NJ
  • Bridge Point development project makes sense for warehouses, a downtown warehouse does not make sense
  • Single family is where the market is right now through 2025. 
  • Warehouse market strong 2 years ago, not so strong right now

03252021 LUB DavidMorrisetteAsksQuestionsInVainClick on image to see video of David Morrisette trying to bring up quality of life and safety issues regarding the change in zoning from residential to industrial at the Peron Construction property along Howard Street:

There were multiple issues that Planning Board/Land Use Board members were told they could not consider when deciding to make a decision regarding recommending to Town Council whether changing Blocks 2102, Lots 1, 2, and 11 from residential to industrial.  Items below that Planning Board members were told they could not consider are:

  • Traffic
  • Noise
  • Odor
  • Sormwater Runoff
  • Light Polution
  • 24 hour operation
  • Parking spaces
  • Number of trucks in and out of the warehouse each day
  • Council discussing and wanting to take a public park from the community and put it into the property for the warehouse
  • A heritage trail will now have to pass directly past a warehouse that does not currently exist


PlanningBoard03252021The video linked from this page is a video of the complete Phillipsburg Land Use Board meeting on March 25, 2021.

Click on the image to see the full video.

FrankMcVeyMysog02At the February 25, 2021 Phillipsburg Land Use Board/Planning Board Meeting


Council President Frank McVey:

  • tries to diminish the message from a resident by making mysogenistic statements towards her. 
  • asks if District 5 rezoning will be discussed this evening, Land Use Board Chairman Bill Duffy let him know that is will most likely be heard next month
  • Frank McVey tells Chairman Bill Duffy to not refer to him as Councilman.  Frank McVey is under the mistaken assumption that if he is not addressed as an elected Phillipsburg Councilman then he is not a Councilman.
  • After being called out for his mysogenistic comments toward a resident by Land Use Board Attorney Scott Wilhelm, Frank McVey lies and says he never made the mysogenistic comment.  He goes on to insult Attorney Scott Wilhelm.

Theresa Bender Chapman:

  • Ms. Chapman reminds Frank McVey that they had met and spoken several times and also they have exchanged emails multiple times
  • Ms. Chapman asks if the Delaware River Park is involved in the rezoning of District 5
  • Ms. Chapman asks if Delaware River Park is Green Acres
  • Ms. Chapman asks if billing for Bridgepoint is recurring billing

Keith Zwicker:

  • Tells Ms. Chapman that this is a Phillipsburg Land Use Board meeting and since she lives in harmony that what is happening in this meeting is non of her business.
  • Attorney Wilhelm corrects Keith Zwicker and lets him know that anyone from the public, regardless of residence, has a right to speak during the public comment section of these meetings
  • Ms. Chapman explains that the Bridge Point Billing and other warehouse issues are of interest to her since warehouses are popping up throughout the county.

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