07202021 PeronConstructionHowardStreetRevisionClick on image to see full video presentation from Peron Construction:

The original concept plans from Peron Constuction showed the "industrial building" that would be constructed extending onto Delaware Park.  Delaware Park is land that that fell under Green Acres designation.   The size of the warehouse has been reduced from 510,000 square feet to 420,000 square feet. The new plan calls for 80 loading docks, parking for 39 tractor trailers and 400 passanger vehicles.

Although Peron Construction will not be taking valuable Green Acres land to construct their "industrial building", it is clear that the 420,000 square foot warehouse will have the same potential negative effects that the 510,000 square foot warehouse would have.

05042021TownCouncilMeetingClick on the image to see the complete May 4, 2021 Town Council Meeting.

This video contains:

  • discussion regarding changing the zoning from residential to industrial of sections of downtown Phillipsburg.  This change in zoning would allow for a warehouse to be built in downtown Phillipsburg.
  • The vote to change the zoning was three to two for the change in zoning.
    Robert Fulper, Frank McVey and Randy Piazza voted in favor or changing the zoning from residential to industrial.
    Danielle DeGerolamo and Harry Waynt voted against changing the zoning from residential to industrial.

04222021 LandUseBoardMeetigImageThis video linke from this page is a video of the complete Phillipsburg Land Use Board meeting of the April 22, 2021.

Click on the image to see the full video.

04202021 ReggiesOpenTimeCommentsClick on image to see full video - 5 minutes:

Reggie Regrut speaks at the April 20, 2021 Town Council meeting during Open Time.  Regge speaks against changing the zoning in District 5 and the warehouse.

Following Reggie's comments, Councilman Wyant expresses support for Reggie's position.

04202021 TheresaOpenTimeClick on image to see full video.

Theresa Bender Chapman said if any of the members of Council have been represented by Perrucci's law firm they should disclose that since this could be a potential conflict of interest.

Theresa indicated that Council Vice President Fulpter should have been aware of the proposal with the 510,000 square foot warehouse because the planning board voted on Angela Knowles presention of the consistency review (March 25, 2021 - see video list) and this consistency review contained the information on the 510,000 square foot warehouse.  Robert Fulper said he did not think he was at that meeting.  (He was at that meeting.) 

Additionally, Robert Fulper indicated that he would like to stack warehouses in Phillipsburg like legos since he believes they provide jobs and are good for Phillipsburg.