September 22, 2022 - Final Site Plan Approval - Resolution 2022-12 Peron Construction, 170 HowardStreet

09222022 MajorSitePlanApprovalClick on the image to the right to view or download LUB Resolution 2022-12, Final Site Plan Approval for the Peron Howard Street Property, 170 Howard Street:

 This is the Final Site Plan, yet another final site plan  for the Peron Howard Street Property.  This final site plan was approved at the September 22, 2022 meeting of the Land Use board.

Some of the stipulations in the Final Site Plan are:

  • 420,000 square feet
  • 352 passanger cars
  • 88 loading docs
  • 39 spaces for trailer parking
  • raze the existing strctures at 560 and 562 South Main Street in order to construct a roadway improvement (so trucks enter and exit on to McKeen Streat from South Main Street.  (and vice-versa)