September 20, 2004 - Master Plan 2004 Update

2004MasterPlanUpdatePlease click on image to the right to view or download the Master Plan 2004 Update:

The warehouse on the Peron Howard Street property is clearly in conflict with the Master Plan 2004 Update.  Some of the items where the Peron Howard Street propery s in direct conflict with the Master Plan 2004 update are:

  • Increase public access and use of the Delaware River
  • Preserve and develop the Moris Canal as an historical transportation corridor and trail link to an expanding County-wide trail system
  • Create a Riverfront Development Plan for the entire length of river frontage, providing or river related businesses, activities and housind and including access plans for trails, view areas and such.
  • Reduce conflicts between residental and non-residential uses.
  • Encourage and aid incompatible non-residential uses whose current location will negatively impact the future development/redevelopment of that area to find alternate, more appropriate and functional locations of within the Town.