This page holds a list of documents, along with brief descriptions, for all court documents associated with case docket number WRN-L-000341-22 .

Documents are softed from most recent to oldest.  Click on the date to pull up the document.

 Date Description
07-19-2023 Motion For Oral Arguments - Rescheduled To 08/25/2023
07-17-2023 Motion Filed For Oral Arguments - Notification
07-14-2023 Motion For Summary Judgement Sumitted By Dickson
07-14-2023 From Court Notification Motion For Summary Judgement
07-13-2023 Motions For Summary Judgement Submitted By Dickson
07-13-2023 Correspondence From Dickson
06-15-2023 From Court File Briefs As Motions
05-25-2023 From Collins Requesting Briefs As Motions
05-22-2023 Consent Order Denied By Court
05-18-2023 From Collins Consent Order
05-09-2023 Letter From Dickson
05-09-2023 Brief Submitted By Dickson
04-21-2023 Brief By Town
04-17-2023 Letter To Court From Michael Collins
04-01-2023 Notice of Case Management Conference - date set for May 16, 2023
03-27-2023 Answer To Initial Brief Michael Collins For The Town
03-16-2023  Brief Submitted By AttorneyDickson For The Plaintiffs
03-02-2023 General Correspondence From Michael Collins
02-10-2023 Affidavit of Service - The town was served notice of the lawsuit, received by Debbie Hay
01-05-2023 Case Management Conference - set times and dates for briefs to be filed
12-24-2024  Track Assignment Notice - assigned managing judge and provides initial timeline
 12-23-2024 Complaint In Lieu of Perogative Writs (filed by Morrisette)