October 1996 - Phillipsburg Master Plan Reexamination Report

Master Plan Rexamination report 1996 rotatedClick on the image to the right to view and download the October 1996 - Phillipsburg Master Plan Reexamination Report:

This October 1996 Master Plan Reexamination Report had as some of its approvers some individuals, or relatives of individuals, that are current players in the political scene as of May 2024:

  • William Duffy, present Chair of the Phillipsburg Land Use Board
  • Bernard Rooney - recent member of the Phillipsburg Land Use Board
  • Harry Wyant, past Mayor of Phillipsburg and past Council President
  • Thomas Corcoran, Father of current Chair of the Phllipsburg Democratic Committee

Note that a warehouse on the Peron Howard Street Property goes against the town's Master Plan as far back as 1996.  The 1996 Phillipsburg Master plan Reexamination Report specificall states the following:

8) A conservation plan element provideing for the preservation, conservation, and utilization of natural resources, including the the extent appropiate, energy, open space, water supply, forrests, soil, marshes, wetlands, harbors, rivers and other waters, fisheries, endangered or hreatened species wildlife and other resources, and which systematically analyzes the impact of each other compnent and element of the master plan on present and future preservation, conservatiion and utilization of those resources;

Building a warehouse in downtown Phillipsburg along the Delaware River clearly goes against the spirit and intent of the 1996 Phillipsburg Master Plan Reexamination Report.