Welcome to the No Warehouse In Downtown Phillipsburg, NJ website.  The purpose of this website is to inform the citizens of Phillipsburg, NJ, and other concerned citizens about a warehouse that the Peron Construction company wants to build in downtown Phillipsburg, NJ along the last 32 acres along the river in Phillipsburg, NJ.

in the picture above, you can see a number of areas encircled with various colored lines:

  • Encircled in RED:  This is the area where Peron Construction wants to build a warehouse in downtown Phillipsburg next to the Delaware River.
  • Encircled in GREEN: This is the area that is NJ State funded and encumbered Green Acres Open Space property.  In Peron Constructions initial proposal, supported by Council members Robert Fulper, Frank McVey and Mark Lutz, Peron Constructions wanted to take this Green Acres land and use this land for part of a 500,000 plus square foot warehouse.  The NJ State Green Acres division said that the town could not provide this land to Peron Construction.
  • Encircled in BLUE: This area is a residential area known as the Flats of Phillipsburg.  This residental area would be severly negatively impacted by the construction of a warehouse on the Peron Construction property, encircled in RED.
  • ORANGE line:  This line represents the route trucks will take to enter and exit the Peron warehouse.  The trucks will travel through the residential area of the Flats of Phillipsburg.  The trucks will also travel on South Main Street between the free bridge and McKeen Street.  Additionally, there will be truck traffic from McKeen street along New Brunsick Avenue through Pohatcong.