Michael Perrucci wants a warehouse because he believes nobody wants to live in the Flats of Phillipsburg

MichaelPerrucciFlatsNotAGoodPlaceToLiveMichael Perrucci is the 100% owner of Peron Construction.  Peron Construction owns 32 acres of undeveloped land along the Delaware River in the Flats of Phillipsburg. 

Michael Perrucci's reasoning for building a warehouse on the last 32 acres of undeveloped land along the Delaware River is that nobody wants to live there, so he believes the best thing for Phillipsburg is to build warehouse.

Michael Perrucci reasons for believing that nobody would buy a property in the Flats is that there is a gun range at one end of Howard Street and a junk yard (small) at the other end of Howard Street.  The junk yard and the gun range make the Flats of Phillipsburg an undesirable place to live.  So, Michael Perrucci wants to build a warehouse nearby the residental community in the Flats of Phillipsburg.

We, the residents of Phillipsburg against a warehouse in downtown Phillipsburg along the Delaware River do not believe  degradating the Flats of Phillipsburg by building a warehouse near the residental area of the Flats is a good thing for Phillipsburg, nor the Town of Phillipsburg as a whole.